“I have always been curious and researched the origins of the things washed up on my beach in California. I have discarded much, but also found many treasures” says Dean Ferrell, who studied at the Juilliard School of Music with David Walter, a student of Fredrick Zimmermann (1906–1967), who further was a pupil of Hermann Reinschagen. Reinschagen was a student of Ludwig Manoly (1855–1932), whom Antonin Dvorak brought to America to teach at the American Conservatory, later named “The Juilliard School of Music”. Manoly learned to play the double bass from Frantisek Simandl (1840–1912). Ferrell also studied independently with Bertram Turetzky and Björn Ianke in Norway. Ianke himself studied with Ludwig Streicher, a student of Johann Krump, another pupil of Frantisek Simandl. From there the family trees converge. Bertram Turetzky inspired Ferrell in constantly seeking non-traditional possibilities on the double bass.
Ferrell was a guest lecturer at The University of California in 1981–1982 and has played with The Hong Kong Philharmonic, The San Diego Symphony, The Pacific Symphony, The San José Symphony, The Norwegian Opera Orchestra and currently with The Icelandic Opera and The Iceland Symphony Orchestra. He is an expert in historical tunings and various scordaturæ. Normally he plays on gut strings, and performs on classical and baroque violone, baroque violoncello, basso di viola, and violoncello piccolo.

“Wonderful, versatile, exciting – Dean Ferrell presented a well rounded program and congenial musical interpretation …” Kieler Nachrichten