Renaud Garcia-Fons was born in 1962 near Paris to parents from Catalonia and was introduced to music at age five, taking up the piano and classical guitar. As a young man, he studied the double bass at the Paris Conservatory of Music and also became the private student of François Rabbath. Through him he gained a profound knowledge of the double bass as well as an introduction to the Syrian roots of Rabbath’s compositions. Soon, he began to work independently, allowing his adventurous spirit and open attitude to liberate him from the technical limitations of his instrument in favor of greater freedom to improvise and to explore music at the crossroads of jazz, traditional, and contemporary music. Combining the use of a five string bass with his con arco and pizzicato techniques, he reached an unprecedented level of performance where the art of improvisation becomes a central element in his artistic vision: he feels as close to the Flamenco tradition, as to Mediterranean and Oriental music. This explains his collaborations with Pedro Soler, Vicente Pradal, Carmen Linares, as well as Angélique Ionatos (Greece), Cheb Mami (Algeria), Dhafer Youssef (Tunesia), Huong Tanh (Vietnam) and Kudsi Ergüner (Turkey).
In parallel to his career as a performer, Renaud has worked as a composer, fulfilling commissions as well as his desire to broaden the repertoire of his various performing ensembles.
The guitarist Kiko Ruiz is the musical partner of Renaud Garcia-Fons tonight.

Arcoluz Cd/Dvd Live Recording (Enja)
Entremundo (Enja)
Navigatore (Enja)
Oriental Bass (1997)
Alborea (1995)
Légendes (1993)
Les Cargos Orchestra De Contrabasses (Label Bleu)
Malak Dhafer Youssef (Enja)
Momentum Mobile Michael Riessler (Enja)
Hönig und Asche Michael Riessler (Enja)
Castel del Monte Michael Godard (Enja)
Alboreá Dou Renaud Garcia Fons / Jean-Louis Matinier (Enja)
Fuera Dou Renaud Garcia Fons / Jean-Louis Matinier (Enja)

“Garcia-Fons’ music exists in a space of its own beyond jazz, world beat, or any other category ...”
Boston Sunday Herold