Since 2001, and for the fourth time, we have managed to bring together leading Double Bassists for this festival. The success of this event has achieved international acclaim and, along with some familiar faces, new artists of Jazz, Free Improvisation and Classical performance have been invited to contribute to the enrichment of this program.

The bass may be the main point of interest in this event, but the most important thing remains the music itself. It is definitely not an event just for insiders as it is a series of concerts and workshops which offers everyone, with an open ear/mind, new sounds and educational experiences.

As always, our thanks go to Mr. Peter Infeld, his wife Zdenka Infeld, and all the employees at the Thomastik-Infeld company for their generosity and help on the realization of this festival.

With this in mind, please enjoy!

The Organisationsteam

Wayne Darling, Berhard Rieger, Stephanie Tadina, Wolfgang Weiss