Wayne Darling

A native of Iowa (USA), young Wayne Darling attracted attention because of his musical talent very early as he played the double bass on events already at the age of 13. After studying in various universities throughout North America he performed with famous artists lincluding Henry Mancini, Shirley Bassey, Dexter Gordon, Joe Henderson, Stan Getz, Art Farmer and many others. He was on tour with the Woody Herman Big Band throughout the USA from 1972–1974. The Woody Herman album “Giant Steps”, which was recorded at this time, was awarded a Grammy Award. After a longer stay in New York, Wayne travelled to Austria to perform  with the ORF Big Band and became professor for double bass at the University Music School in Graz. For 15 years he was the bass player with Friedrich Gulda performing together in trio, or with orchestras like the Berlin Philharmonic, the New Symphony Orchestra of Tokyo, etc.
Furthermore he continues to perform with a variety of artists and tours/records with projects under his own name. Wayne is active in promoting Double Bass meetings, workshops, and competitons with the intent of raising perfomance and educational awareness at the international level.



Rain Cave Wayne Darling Band (SOS Music)
Say What!? Wayne Darling-Arni Egilsson (SOS Music)
The Complete Musician Friedrich Gulda (Amadeo) pries des disque France
Blackbird Heinrich von Kalnein (Peregrina)
Barcelona Joe Henderson Trio/Duo (Enja)
Darling, O’Mara, Elgart, Wheeler Kenny Wheeler Quartet (Koala Records)
Giant Steps Woody Herman Big Band (Fantasy) Grammy Award USA
Wayne Darling: The Art Of The Bass, Vol. 1 (Laika Records)
Wayne Darling: The Art Of The Bass, Vol. 2 „The Beiderbecke/Carmichael Songbook“
(Laika Records)

“Bass playing at its highest level …”
JK, Double Bassist